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I've been holding back on buying a new monitor for years now. Probable because I paid almost a thousand for my 21" CRT from Viewsonic a decade ago I guess I just felt too much lingering buyers remorse to discard it. It's still a fairly decent monitor but CRT's are notoriously bad for the eye's and after a decade I was starting to notice some computer vision syndrome as my eyes would burn and water after a few hours. Also it's really hard to spend money on stuff you know is going to be twice as good at half the price in 6 months to a year.

I started shopping almost a year ago and I kept coming back to the Acer P243WAid because the reviews on Newegg were glowing and it was one of the least expensive 24" models out there. 24" seems to be the sweet spot for LCD's right now but I found myself looking at 30" models once in awhile but at three times the price I couldn't stomach it. Plus I didn't want to pay so much that I was stuck with it for anther decade especially since I know that display technology is advancing so rapidly. OLED has just come out but won't be mature and affordable for a few years and I would like to move to that.

The Acer has a glossy screen which has always looked so much better to me than the flat screens when I would browsed at Brands-Mart and now that I have one I'm even more convinced of that. I noticed most of the TV's have a glossy screen now as well so that appears to be the trend. The price of the Acer stayed right around $330 for several months so I hit the button for real this time. Sure enough Newegg sends me an email a week later with a promo for that same monitor for $259! Seventy bucks!, FUUUCCCKKK! I knew it. Oh well at least it has no dead pixels or back light bleed as some have reported and the monitor is just gorgeous. I can't believe how much sharper it is over my Viewsonic it's amazing what you can get used to. So anyway's I love my new monitor however I don't think I'll wait 10 years for my next one but if your looking for one now I don't see how you could beat this one. 

on Feb 12, 2009

We need a new monitor too but not one as big as 24 or 30 inch!  Congrats on your new find!

on Feb 12, 2009

Hey FS, what's clicking? 

I wouldn't even consider anything smaller than 22" but I like to have several things going at once so I needs the space.

A good 22" can be had for a buck fifty. If you spend allot of time in front of the screen a good monitor and even some anti-glare computer glasses are something for serious consideration. Don't wait as long as I did to lose that old CRT.